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Stacked logs

Estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals for the forest land category in the United States

Improving the spatial and temporal resolution of carbon estimates on forest land for national reporting in the US

Direct and indirect effects of management on water quality

Understanding Floodplain Forests

EAB and black ash
A series of projects evaluating impacts and ecosystem vulnerability of black ash wetlands to EAB invasion. Focal topics include hydrology response, identification of replacement tree species, effects on soils, wildlife use, among others.

Biometrical refinements of the US forest carbon accounting framework

Effects of biochar on jack pine survival and growth
What are the effects that biochar as a soil amendment has on jack pine seedling growth and survival during drought periods?

Healthy Forests, Healthy Farms
Identifying the relationship between soybean aphid and buckthorn

Great Lakes Silviculture Library

Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative

Scotch broom in Douglas-fir forests
Evaluating the effects of invasive Scotch broom on soil properties, growth relationships with resource availability, and site susceptibility to invasion.

Evaluating soil operability
Determining soil conditions that are suitable for harvesting operations without degrading soils via compaction and rutting.

Detection methods for lodgepole dwarf mistletoe

Long-term soil productivity (LTSP) study
Evaluating the effects of biomass removal, compaction, and vegetation control on soil nutrient pools and stand growth at aspen installations in the Lake States and Douglas-fir installations in WA and OR.

Tactical invasive plant management plan development

Peatland hydrology and frost dynamics