Eli Sagor


Research Interests

Silviculture, Extension, knowledge exchange

Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative, Great Lakes Silviculture Library, National Advanced Silviculture Program

When I'm not in the woods, I'm...

Coaching youth hockey, running, being a dad.


B.S. McGill University, 1996

M.F. Yale University, 1999

Ph.D. University of Minnesota 2012

Favorite Tree: Black spruce (Picea mariana)


John Zobel


Research Interests

  • Quantifying and projecting forest characteristics and trends through modeling and/or other statistical methods
  • Using USDA Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data to address diverse natural resource needs from local stakeholders to the international community
  • Providing statistical expertise to various colleagues and graduate students within the department, college, and university
  • Conducting general forest inventory and analysis
  • Developing software for delivery of research results to stakeholders

Grant Domke


Research Interests

I use strategic-level forest inventory data and auxiliary information to develop models that predict carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems for the Forest Inventory and Analysis program within the USDA Forest Service and United Nations Convention on Climate Change reporting. I am also interested in developing new inventory and monitoring techniques to facilitate carbon estimation and accounting across spatial and temporal scales.

Currently, I am estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals for the forest land category in the United States.


Rob Slesak


Research Interests

Forest soils, applied forest ecology, hydrology and water quality, sustainable forestry

Current Projects

EAB and black ash - series of projects evaluating impacts and ecosystem vulnerability of black ash wetlands to EAB invasion. Focal topics include hydrology response, identification of replacement tree species, effects on soils, wildlife use, among others.


Matt Russell


Research Interests

Forest ecosystem health; modeling forest ecosystems


Marcella Windmuller-Campione


Research Interests

Silviculture of the Great Lakes and Intermountain West, Alternative Silviculture, Adaptive Management for Climate Change, and Applied Forest Ecology